Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shawnee's Secret Santa Apron Swap Questionnaire 2013

Shawnee's Secret Santa Apron Swap Questionnaire

1.What are your hobbies?  Quilting
2.What are your favorite colors?  all colors, except bright colors
3.Do you collect anything?  Aprons, fabric, quilts, wall hangings, quilt tote bag/ purses, Brooch Pins, I just love them.  
4.Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? No  :  Allergic to Berries (see below)
5.Do you have any pets?  yes, dogs and  horses
6.Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate?  Tea  all kinds, not fruity.
7.What do you like to read?  Quilt magazines,  Beverly Lewis,    Wanda Brunstetter , and  mystery books
8.Do you prefer Cookies or Candies as a sweet?   Both
9.What is your favorite holiday treat?  chocolate orange ball and peppermints,  Peppermint bark.
10.Describe your favorite holiday tradition.  Baking, putting up the Christmas decorations together as a family
11.Did you believe in Santa as a child?    Yes, Still do.
12.When do you open presents?  Christmas morning
13.Do you put up a tree and when?  If not, how do you celebrate?  We put a Real Christmas Tree about 2 weeks before Christmas,   I love home made Christmas ornaments.
14.Does your tree have a theme?  Home made Christmas Ornaments
15.What has been your favorite gift to give?    a quilt to my sister and brother n law , my husband, his horse bridles.   to receive?   Quilting things , gift cards to Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics, and to quilt places online.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not like owls,  bears, light house, mushrooms,  and horse fabric.   Yes,  I have 7 horses, but do not like the fabric.   To me it is ugly.   I love my horses, just not the fabric.

ALLERGIES:  TO ALL BERRIES,  strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries. Show less